Your photos will never look more fetching!

From the developers of CatPaint

Adding dogs to your photos has never been easier! No need to put down newspaper the next time you want to take a snapshot! Put away the dog treats and chew toys, with PhotoDog you just choose which dog - or dog head - you want to add and tap anywhere to place it!

  • Enhance your photos by adding any of 12 dogs.
  • Cover up your less attractive friends with any of 8 dog heads.
  • No in-app purchases!
  • Share your images to Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook.
  • Woofing, barking, arf-ing, yipping sound effects! (check your mute switch!)
  • Get a new leash on life!

It's a dog-eat-dog world out there. Accept no substitutes! Get the best! Get PhotoDog!

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